Want to get your business funded but not sure how to go about it?

There is a unique opportunity to be trained by people with deep experience and connections that will get you much much closer to being 'funded!'

Yes, funding is not a simple destination, for most founders and business owners it's a journey. The purpose of the education series developed by Catapult and hosted with the generous assistance of LaunchVIC is to get you clear on your journey so you can be in that place of 'funded!' in just a few short months.

Join us for "The 7 secrets to success with investors"

In order to ensure you get the outcome you need this is not just education, it's combined with highly effective 1:1 mentoring where we can go deep in the details of what your business really needs to succeed.

For a range of super-successful businesses that have grown up in the past decade funding has been crucial. From a stack of overdrawn credit cards to millions $$ in capital from investors, the methods are highly varied.

Through the generous support of LaunchVIC this program is available at a massively reduced program fee.
Normal fee: $2,700

Your fee with LaunchVIC support: $50

Bootcamp day is fully catered with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. For the evening training sessions light refreshments will be provided.

  • Date

    08 September 2018 - 09 September 2019

  • Location

    WeWork, Collins Street, Melbourne VIC, Australia

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  • Sectors

    Founder Education

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