We're on a mission to crack the code of change by exploring how AI can empower people to achieve their potential. Our name is derived from the ancient Greek word enkrateia |eng-krat-i-ah | noun | In power of self. Our technology helps people take back control of their lives. LIFE already knows how to make a body that works. We need to get out of the way for long enough to rediscover this truth for ourselves. Rather than adding more fixes, we should be removing the obstructions we've already put in place. Our self-image, our fears, our limiting beliefs are all things we created and therefore things we can change. Under close scrutiny they lack substance, they're not real. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ We've got it all back to front. Change occurs through you, not to you. Fix nothing, Change nothing, See everything. Our mission is based upon two strongly held beliefs; i) Lasting change is possible only when it comes from deep within, and ii) Technology is now embedded into our everyday existence. So much so that it has become an extension of what we do and with cognitive computing our personal devices have become an extension of who we are.


Artificial Intelligence , Healthtech , Lifestyle

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    31 March 2016

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    Early stage post launch

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