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At inGenious.AI, we create engaging, informative and useful conversational interfaces (CIs), enabling customers to communicate with companies in the same way as they would with their friends. We specialise in providing an enjoyable, effective one-to-one customer experience via chatbots, which are scalable and comparatively low cost.

We believe that current challenges being experienced by organisations and their customers can be solved in new ways using next generation technologies such as conversational interfaces, machine learning, and A.I. combined with a genuine focus on the customer experience. One of the major advantages of chatbots is that there is no need for users to learn an interface; the majority of users are already familiar with text messaging and speech-based interaction through natural language.

We design and build chatbots for messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Workplace by Facebook, SMS and Wechat, and voice-based platforms such as Amazon Echo and Google Home.


Artificial Intelligence

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    01 January 2017

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