Nanjing Biopoint Diagnostics

Nanjing BioPoint® Diagnostic Technology Co. Ltd. (Nanjing BioPoint®) is an integrated Point of Care Testing (POCT) medical diagnostics company.

The first two products of the Nanjing BioPoint® are a POCT of the level of enzyme alanine aminotransferase1 (ALT1) in blood —BioPoint® ALT-1 and a plasma separation device VLPlasma®.

The products of Nanjing BioPoint® will provide simple, rapid and inexpensive diagnosis for those living in remote, resource poor countries and regions who do not have access to standard medical care and those living in advanced countries but for various reasons inconvenient to go to hospitals. These products are easy to use, remain effective for long time in room temperature, robust in transportation and do not require external electrical power to operate. Their use can reduce significantly the cost of providing health care and provide a solution for unmet medical need.


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