Our SaaS platform Reputationaire provides peer-reviewed references of your current job applicants, or new signups to your website.

Our clients find these

* unbiased

* unscripted

* socially verified ratings

makes screening applicants

* quicker

* more cost effective

* accurate

* fairer

than reference checks (or a great substitute, when local reference checks are not available allowing them to increase diversity and inclusion).

We went through YCombinator SS 2018 and IBM awarded us $220K to develop our blockchain backed tech and we are looking for flagship clients to help risk profile their applicants and signups and increase their diveristy and inclusion and audience they can target.


Blockchain , Enterprise software , Human resources , SaaS , Cyber Security , Social Enterprise , Migrant and Refugee Focused , Real Estate , Other

  • Founded date

    01 January 2017

  • Founder(s)

    Dee Kulkarni
    Andrew Hine

  • Product phase

    Early stage post launch

  • Funding stage


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