Similar to a golf handicap (e.g. “today I played to 14”), RiderLevel converts your GPS data into a ‘score’, and based on your more recent scores, establishes a target against which you can measure yourself (or can measure yourself against others).

Calculating this score incorporates the impact of hills (ascending and descending), the length of your ride, and any stops (whether a short stop for a traffic light or a longer stop for a coffee and muffin).

Your RiderLevel score enables you to compare your performance:

against our theoretical elite athlete (he/she has a RiderLevel score of 100),

against yourself (e.g. at my current RiderLevel of 57, I should have completed this 105.3 km ride with 1242m ascending and with 7 stops of varying lengths at intersections, in a time of 3:53:42, but today it took me 4:01:15. Oh no!),

against others (e.g. today I rode to a RiderLevel of 61.7, whereas my nemesis George, who has a current RiderLevel of 66, rode to 61.2. Woo hoo!), and

against others riding the same route (e.g. today I rode the Tour de Norbardee’s Stage 2 in 2:13:07, whereas Justin rode it in 2:04:44. But my Net Time was only 1 min 42s behind my RiderLevel target time, compared to Justin’s 3 min 07s behind target. Woo hoo!).



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